Monday, December 20, 2010

too much too soon

Snow. Time to cross country ski.

I started to pile on the hours over the past week, and this weekend I started pushing the pace at Chapin. I was climbing the hill from the Hobart Road side, and I was pretty happy with how fast I was going when my car crash knee started to feel sore. No big deal. It's basically sore whenever I do a hard workout.

I started to make the final push up to the crest of the hill. I started to stride forward with my right foot, and I felt my ski tip swing back like normal, but when it stopped and I started to set my foot down I felt a sharp pain like a rodent chewing its way out through my skin. Ouch!

I stopped for a minute and gave myself the typical exam. The knee still bends, I can step forward, etc... It seems alright, so I continue on. I don't have any more sharp pain, but it's just sore.

Luckily, it seems like a minor problem. I didn't have any swelling and it's only mildly sore today, so hopefully I'll be able to continue with my skiing this week, otherwise it will be time to log some more miles on the trainer.