Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goodbye Cleveland!

I just accepted a job in Nashville, TN. It's happened fast, and I will be moving even faster. I think there will be a sonic boom as I exit town in the Element. I am planning to be living there by the end of April!

I'll be back to the CLE from time to time, and I think Nashville will be a good early spring training camp site for my Cleveland cycling homies. So even though I am saying goodbye, I am sure I will see all of you again soon and often.

It's been a really great experience to get to know lots of interesting and really good people through our sport.

Best of luck to everyone!

I will be blogging about my cycling experience in Nashville, so stay tuned.

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Jim said...

Boy, that's going to make doing the TT on Thursdays a real bitch!! What a long commute!
Seriously, I hope it is what you want and you get everything you deserve. Nashville is a great city.
BTW, I will likely be just a couple hours east of you near Crossville in the near future.
Check this out http://www.tbra.org/
They are pretty well organized down there.

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